From the post-industrial valleys that lie between Manchester and Leeds emerged a 3-piece outfit called "Pepperjam" to perform their first gig in early 2005. Their first incarnations mixed the songs of ex-Little Chief frontman, Lorry Dowling with fretless bassist/cellist Nigel and percussion from Hebden Bridge's Paul Dear. Over the last two years they have developed and grown into a 5-piece band with the addition of drums, extra vocals and keys.

PJ Full Band

The combined past histories of the members include Black, The Ukrainians, Little Chief and Tetchi to name a few. Music encompassing a wide range of styles and influence which when added to Nige's classical and eclectic tastes leave a vibrant musical palette.

Pepperjam are currently putting the finishing touches to their first studio album which should be available to buy/download early in 2008.